Thursday, May 1, 2008

Project: Vintage Apron

I completely fell in love with this "Juicy" print by Alexander Henry and when JoAnn's put it on sale, I jumped all over it. Looking back, I wish I would have gotten more than 2 yards but I think I can squeeze two aprons out of that. I plan on making one with light green bias tape on the edges instead of yellow for Kristin. The pattern is McCalls.

I LOVE this apron from far away, but honestly I'm really unhappy with it up close because the stitching is not only messy but is in green thread which totally does not look good. It sounded good in my head, but I'm debating ripping out the showing stitches on the bias tape and re-doing them with yellow thread. We'll see.

Also, I REALLY wish I had a dress form...someday. For now, I'll use my ironing board to show off my creations.


Mrs E said...

I could see how green would go, there is a little green in the pattern. Once again I love this!

Casey said...

you can make your very own dress form with an old T-shirt some newspaper and a roll of duct tape... here's one video tut on the concept...