Friday, May 2, 2008

Project: Boxy Pouch

My introduction to zippers turned out to be quite successful with this "boxy pouch." For my practice pouch I used a zipper ripped from a bag of dress-making scraps I received from a fellow free-cycler, and some scrap fabric I had on hand. It turned out better than I expected- although it will probably never be used because it's not very stiff, and is extremely sloppy.

BUT my second attempt...I am in LOVE with! I added a lining and some interfacing to stiffen it up a bit, and I'm exceptionally happy with the outcome. It is my official make-up pouch now. The fabric and lining are from JoAnn's and I learned how to do it from this excellent tutorial.These are so easy and fun to make. If I had more zippers, I would never stop!


Mrs E said...

hehehe "floppy".. lord i need to grow up.
Great looking pouch, I am very impressed!

Kerry said...

Thank you!

Meari said...

Very cute! At what point did you add the lining? How did you go about it?

Grace said...

Hi Kerry! You did a great job! :) Can you tell me how you included the interfacing and lining for this tutorial? I'm very new at sewing and wanted to make some of these as gifts, so I wanted them to be more sturdy than just the fabric alone :) Thank you so much!

annapeppin said...

I love your little boxy pouch.
I saw a tutorial for this on the three bears blog and I had a go myself which worked (amazingly as I'm a beginner!). I wondered if you could share how to put a lining in ? I would really like to make one for a gift once my sewing skills are up to scratch.
Many thanks,

Janaina said...

I also would like to get more info about the point you added the lining. I'm quite new to sewing too...=)
Hugs from sunny Brazil!