Wednesday, May 7, 2008

BFF+Peace Corps+Africa=Bday Surprise!

Long time best friend Lauren is in her 7th or 8th month of the Peace Corps where she is serving in Africa! She is the most amazing and wonderful person and we're rounding up a little birthday package for her. Minus one more thing I hope to finish up today, here's my contribution.

Pack of headbands in very Lauren colors. You don't even know how Lauren these are. I used no pattern, just cut two 17"x2" strips of fabric (scraps) and a 6" piece of elastic. I sewed the strips right sides together, turned inside out, and sewed the elastic in (1" on both sides inside the fabric). I know there are more complex ways to make headbands to look a little nicer, but we were going for simple here.

And a super cute messenger bag so she can slop her stuff around easily on foot or on her bike. The outside is a super soft plaid and the inside is kind of suede-y feeling. I got both from the remnant basket at JoAnn's 75% off!). No pattern for this one, I just kind of winged it.

I should really get a better model.


Update: Finished up the last bit of the gift! Fun little tote- super cute fabric from an awesome freecycler!

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me said...

That looks fabulous!!! A woman after my own heart...someone else who likes to wing it and not use patterns!! :) Sheri