Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Project: Boxy Pouch #2: Giant Edition

I cooked up another boxy pouch- perhaps to act as a new toiletry case of sorts. This one is quite bigger than the first and I did the lining a bit differently so that it looks all neat and tidy inside.

By far one of my favorite things yet. I've ordered some webbing from www.strapworks.com and plan to add a small handle on one end. If I ever do, I'll be sure to show it off.

I just can't get over the cuteness that is this fabric. Love it!


Mrs E said...

you should share your camaera case too, its freaking adorable, and the baby clothes! you have lots to share lady

Anonymous said...

can you post a tutorial on how to do the lining pretty please!!!!! i can't work it out

Kerry said...

OMG a tutorial? I am WAY too scatterbrained for that. I am much more of a trial-error-error-error-success!-never able to recreate again kind of people. BUT I think this is the tutorial that made the zipper/lining etc possible! I hope it helps!