Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm offically a sewing and all things crafting addict. I am also completely addicted to sewing blogs. So, why not add another obsession to the bunch and start my own. Oh other addiction: fabric. Hence the title of this blog which in my head becomes of a part of my blogging series which will probably never go much farther than the two parts it has and sewing.
I hope to share my sewing sagas and photos. We'll see.

I came to sewing by way of knitting which I decided I am way too ADD for because of the constant concentration and my tendency to well, mess up. While I mess up no less in sewing, it's comparably much easier to fix. My seam ripper and I are already very closely acquainted.

Craig (best boyfriend in the universe cross-referenced in my cooking blog) gave me a sewing machine and carrying case for my birthday last month and I've been sewing crazy since!


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